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Leslie A. Francis


Leslie, a native of Columbia, has wholeheartedly embraced the entrepreneurial spirit as the visionary leader behind Partager Gallery. Drawing from her extensive experience in the financial industry and years of revitalizing neglected homes, Leslie brings a distinctive perspective and innovative approach to the creation of Partager.

The genesis of the Partager concept traces back nearly a decade before its actual inception. Recognizing that she couldn't leave her stable position in the financial industry until her sons completed college, Leslie began collecting ideas for the Partager concept during her travels both in the United States and abroad. In 2023, as she contemplated the right moment to embark on a project of this magnitude, a friend advised her to seek divine guidance by asking God to "bless it or block it." Encouraged by enthusiastic responses from potential vendors and artists during a series of phone calls, she decided to pursue the project that had been her hope, prayer, and dream for a decade.

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